Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Dirt Stains, the revenge


Ok, here is a second attempt at mutation:

And with his acolyte:
Quite pleased with the dust this time. As "dust" is what the stains are meant to represent. It's absolutely impressive what can be done with those old zombie heads, from GW... I have painted about 120-150 of them, but always very VERY V-E-R-Y fast, and quite frankly, badly. I only now realise their potential.

On the "poor-guy-who-have-been-horribly-mutated" front, tough, I think I erred a bit on this one... he have a crazy look on his face that was not planned at all, but that developed during painting... I tend to do that... I develop mood as I go, instead of planning... I guess it makes me an "instinctive" painter...

All said, I really like his face...


  1. I agree, the face is nice, and shows a lot of potential I never knew was there. Hey, when you have to paint huge blocks of them...

    I like the GS work you come up with to hide your mash-ups, and for the force's theme you had told me about, I like it. You certainly get points for inventiveness. I'm wondering though if it is a pace you can sustain for a whole horde? Have you given much thought to where you'll go once you have a few squads of 'em muties?

  2. He He... I probably won't keep the pace in the long run... but we'll see. For the moment, I really like to have a reason to use Green stuff, so I'll probably keep going for a while, even if just for that alone.

    After a couple of grunts, i'll probably try some leader type mutie; squad leader or army leader... depending on the end result, then big gun guys... we'll see once we're there!

  3. Very nice stuff! It makes me want to paint my actual Orks, just so I can see what bits I have left to make some mutants like these for a Traitor Guard army!