Tuesday, 28 May 2013


A little preview of what I am going to show in the next few posts:

I am finally progressing in my "mountain of lea"... hemm... plastic...

I am going to talk about them and show better pictures next time.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Red Herring

I wanted to share a little trick I use from time to time. Have a look at those minis, painted some time ago:

Nice figs, are they? 

No, in fact, not that much: look at the poor job on the lower legs of both figs, look at the one-layer highlight on the pistol arm of the sword dude... look at the one-dimension chainsword painting... 

The trick here was to have a well done center piece for the mini. In both case, it was the face, and the chest. I spent a large proportion of the painting time only on those areas. The eye is pulled toward faces, when we look at miniatures. Try the oposite, just for fun. Do a great job on the miniature body, legs and arms, but do a quick blotch of the face. The overall "feeling" of the miniature will be poor. 

These two guys make a good first impression, but when you get to know them... 

Here is another mini, completed yesterday.
Don't ask me why it is not centered... I don't know... 

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Been busy.

Well, it must be the most overused excuse for not blogging, but here it is, I have been extremely busy. To the point of not painting at all for several months. But; back to it now. Here are a few models I made in the last few weeks;

First, My Ariadna army:

I tried to keep some coherence in the whole army by using mostly the same colors, but still I've tried to keep the scotts (top picture) distinct from the french (bottom picture). I used the same color to paint the kilts and the armor peice of the french (which are blue in the studio scheme). I think that I had the most fun I ever had painting a miniature while painting the wolf. It is a really REALLY nice miniature.

On the other side; the guy with "One-handed HMG and a claymore firmly planted in the ground" is probably the stupidest pose I have ever seen on a miniature... I really wanted it for gaming, though... but bottom line is that, in my opinion (this is my blog, after all!), the Infinity range contains exquisite miniatures, but they tend to make strange poses, sometimes...

Some note; the leftmost guys in the bottom picture is not an Infinity miniature, but an EM-4 mini, which I converted to an infinity chasseur with sniper rifle. This miniature had the exact same "concept" that the other chasseur... cap, ear-set, rifle, knee pads, backpack... simply a good coincidence.

The bases are still bare... AGAIN... I'll get to that eventually...