Thursday, 11 February 2016

More "Arrer boys" !

Simple post, just to publish some progress on my orc archers.

I aim for a middle ground in painting quality. These are venerable miniatures, so I really want to honnor them. But still, I have a huge amount of miniatures to paint, just to be able to play the smallest of game, so I spend a lot of time on items that are interesting (faces, well defined clothing, sneering faces on equipment...) and a bit less time on dull and usual items (chainmail, rough clothing, flat bows). Thus, i make use of the "red herring" effect that I presented in this post. The minis look much more nice that the effort that went into them!!!
And a group shot of my arrer boys, to date.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Gromush`s horde

I have been away from my brush (again) mainly because of work (again...). But still, I continued to collect orcs for my Oldhammer army.

I have painted some more archers. I find those miniatures to be Soooo characterful... I have said so in my last post, but still... look at the second one from the left... with one eye closed and the other SO OPEN!!! love them... or in the case of orcs... Luv 'em...

This is my first army with oldhammer. It is around 1000 points. I use all my vintage miniatures, and add to the army with recent miniatures, with the unbreakable rule that the overall look must be... uniform? no... coherent!!! yes, that`s it; so no 8 feet all brian nelson orcs, for example. miniatures I add could have been produced in the 80s, even if they are recent. skull pass goblins and 6th edition orc chariot fit this rule perfectly.

My philosophy in painting this horde will be to paint all that is unpainted, then strip and repaint those already painted... Better to game with bad, simple and/or old paint jobs than unpainted... I am SUPER happy to have acquired a man mangler!!!

In the mail, I currently have some new kev adams goblins!!! warriors (if they can be called warriors), archers and wolf riders...