Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Nice Dirt

Hello again.

Sorry for historical fans... it seems that I'm in a Sci-Fi mood these last few days...

Anyway, yesterday's post, and a reply that was posted (thanks Mathieu, you nailed it) about dirtying up miniatures made me think about this mini, made a few months ago:

This guy is a wargames factory trooper made using the gas mask instead of the nazi head (no, it is not a mutated head, like I saw on some website... there are straps in the hair to hold the mask!). I sculpted some kind of bag, a grenade and fixed the collar and the neck, which is not a very good fit on these miniatures.

I wanted to picture a trooper who had spent quite a few days in the trenches. Think WWI or Stalingrad...

The point here is that in this particular case, I had some objective in mind when I started to muck it up. So I had a good Idea what kind of stains I wanted where.

This is the (or The) mistake I made when I started stain my mutie. I did not have any idea what happened to him. Why was he dirty? what kind of stain should be where? (ok... not always a good idea to ask that...) So instead, I went for a general flopping of diluted paint everywhere... which make absolutely no sense when we look at it, because no sense was intended... if you get my meaning...

The next one should be better.

And, no... still no bases... I usually don't base until I know what kind of game and what kind of army they will be used for...


  1. You did a good job on the "weathering". It fits the figure. More realistic.


  2. Ditto...both figures are painted to look like a used and abused warrior. I for one like them. Good job.

  3. I skipped over this one... and shouldn't have. This represents a definite step up from the basic fig. I say, you should even submit it to Wargames Factory for their contest... just sayin'.

    That being said: you can make these so characterful that I think they should be mixed in with your muties, maybe as some sort of elite troops. Tankbustas come to mind, as well as Kommandos or Burna Boyz, with the impressive number of flamers one can get from the sprues.