Monday, 9 July 2012

Here is what I'm into these days... Infinity.

I got back to these because of a desire to paint nice miniatures. Simple as that. I have been trying to paint armies for the last few months, and I got tired of speed painting...

Pretty much the same thing that happened when I started this blog. I'm a cyclic guy...

Ok, so, for technique, I tried to combine pretty much all the tools I have in the arsenal for these figures. Fast basecoat using mostly foundation paints (good coverage), then wash with appropriate colours (as opposed to the dip technique, where you wash the miniature with one shade only) and finally highlight using very thin coats. I also had a bit of fun with cross-colour shading; using blues to shade green, browns to shade blues, etc. It's all very new to me, so i'll keep experimenting on that for now.

Sorry for the picture quality; I lost my old photo studio, as the lab it was taken in moved around a bit and the camera used is now dead... I'll try and make it better next time.

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  1. The sculpts are cool, and the painting is freezing!