Saturday, 29 August 2015

New... old love.

Hello again.
After a year and a half of speed painting or worse, no painting, I re-developped the desire to paint, and share!

I started painting miniatures in the late 80s, but really fell in love with this hobby in 1992, when I discovered Warhammer. A friend introduced me, and then I ran to the store to get a nice army of my own...

Being in high school, and having very little money, I was unsurprisingly very disapointed, and came home with only a used pack of miniatures... not even for the army I intended to play... I had to do with magazines and my own imagination for a few years, but still, I was hooked

Fast forward many years, and I am now a veteran warhammer player and painter. But all those years, while I prefered the technical quality of recent miniatures, and the "living" status of the rules, I still longed for the good old... ambiance... feel... that had long beed thrown out the window in favor of skullz and efficient production requirements by the now public company.

Now that they killed the game,the only reasons that held me back are gone.

Here is my new buzz:

I was able to get myself a few orcs, and I am now in the process of stripping them and repainting them. these have SOOOoooo much character... they litterally ooze and dribble with personality. I have a few tens of miniatures, and I think that i only have two identical ones...

I also started assembling the old Townscape kits... again, technically inferior to recent scenery, but Oh so much more characterful!!!

Now... I must find myself some more orcs... some goblins... some undeads... some elves... dwarves... chaos... ... ...

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