Sunday 17 February 2013

Red Herring

I wanted to share a little trick I use from time to time. Have a look at those minis, painted some time ago:

Nice figs, are they? 

No, in fact, not that much: look at the poor job on the lower legs of both figs, look at the one-layer highlight on the pistol arm of the sword dude... look at the one-dimension chainsword painting... 

The trick here was to have a well done center piece for the mini. In both case, it was the face, and the chest. I spent a large proportion of the painting time only on those areas. The eye is pulled toward faces, when we look at miniatures. Try the oposite, just for fun. Do a great job on the miniature body, legs and arms, but do a quick blotch of the face. The overall "feeling" of the miniature will be poor. 

These two guys make a good first impression, but when you get to know them... 

Here is another mini, completed yesterday.
Don't ask me why it is not centered... I don't know... 

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