Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A beginning

Here it is; the beginning of a new blog. It stars with an experiment.

I buy and paint 1/72 miniatures since 2010. Up to now, these minis received a paint job of about equal quality as their monetary value. Cheap minis, cheap paint job. They were not very well detailed and quite badly moulded anyway, so simple blocking and dip should be enough. There is nothing to gain with a nice paint job, right?

well, wrong:

Paul's bods blog showed me that cheap plastic minis can look as good as any other. My painting experience (more than 15 years... closer to 20 now) then did the rest. I started with the idea that as the details are very shallow on these, the painting must exaggerate them with brutal contrasts. Also, as the surfaces are relatively smooth, they are very unforgiving with thick paint, so thin coats of paint only. They took about an hour to do. Of course, they are not based yet, as I did not decide what they will be used for (DBA, probably).

I am very satisfied of these roman velites.


  1. That´s the trick!! To get real results from flat moulded figs..you have to "paint the details on"
    You´ve succeeded :-D

  2. Thanks for you comments, and also, for the "kick in the butt" (and inspiration, also) your blog provided!


  3. Great start of your blog! Nice and clean painted figures! Like them a lot!

    Welcome to the world of blogs! Found this one by my good friend Paul ;-)